Three Regrets


I don’t have a moment or an experience that makes me want to turn back time. I’m so grateful that most my regrets are just lifestyle choices.

  1. Saying yes more. I wish I had gone out and tried more things or done more of something I love. I’m a bit too practical for this and I would always think of the time or the money. It was less about being overwhelmed and more about if it was convenient. I wish I had said, “Whatever. I’ll figure it out; I’m in” a bit more.
  2. Saying no more. I’m a people-pleaser. A lot of the things I have said yes to weren’t for myself, but for others. I still haven’t mastered the art of saying no. It makes me wonder if I had said no to more of the things I wish I had, would I have been bold enough to say yes to things I missed?
  3. Putting myself out there more. I wish I hadn’t let insecurities get the best of me. I wish, “What will people think?” hadn’t factored so heavily into my life. But it did. Now I’m learning how to ignore that side of me. Because that’s the thing about regrets, right? You learn from them.

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