Three Ways to Win Me Over


I don’t think I can make an intro to this without writing a novel.

  1. Make an effort to spend time with me. While, “I’m free for dinner, want to me in an hour?” is nice I like when plans are made. If I’m free last minute, I won’t say no. However, the idea that you’re looking forward to seeing me in a few days and have put the thought into planning something you think I will like says so much to me.
  2. It’s hardly ever about grand gestures. I like the really simple things. Letting me know of a song you think I’d like, or sending me a post with a funny dog in it. Just letting me know that little things make you think of me. While flowers and fancy dinners are nice on occasion (let’s be real, I’m a bit of a romantic) the more important things are in the smaller details.
  3. Let me hold your hand. I’m not totally gross about PDA or anything, but a little bit of contact goes a long way.

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