Three Songs


I can’t be the only one thinking this is a near impossible task.

  1. Where You Lead, Carole King Watching Gilmore Girls was a coming-of-age experience for me. Due to a very strict upbringing, I wasn’t even allowed to watch the show. I would record episodes in secret and then binge-watch when my parents weren’t home. The first time through the series was less about the plot and more about enjoying something I liked despite what my parents thought. For that reason, this song will always have a sentimental effect on me.
  2. Hiroshima, Ben Folds How can you not admire a song that makes falling on stage and injuring yourself seem cool? I always say if there’s a soundtrack made of my life this song needs to be a part of it. Clumsy injuries are a specialty of mine and I will forever be grateful someone made a beautiful rock anthem out of a less-than-graceful moment.
  3. I’m a Believer, Smash Mouth I kind of hate that this is on the list, but it needs to be. For everyone who has forgotten this song is on the Shrek soundtrack. My sister and I abused this track. Growing up we were the worse together, and singing this together for our parents is one of the few childhood memories I have of us getting along. Recently when she was home for break this played when we were driving and it made me so grateful that we’ve actually become friends (and not just two family member who every once in a while are able to enjoy each other).

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