Three Things that Happened Today


Today was pretty usual. Work 8-5, school, projects. It was also pretty awesome. Maybe I lucked out for writing this post. Maybe the whole point of this topic is to show any day can be pretty awesome if you look for some reasons.

  1. I submitted homework with time to spare. I take online classes, and the last thing I feel like doing once I get home from work is studying. I always get around to it (I want my degree after all), and today as soon as I got home from work I jumped straight into school. I think this has happened twice before. Usually, there are about three hours of procrastination before I crack open a textbook.
  2. I emailed a rough draft for my current freelance project. I’m designing a breakfast menu for a local bakery. While I thought I’d have it more fine-tuned than what it is, I was able to submit a rough draft. About two days ago I told myself I’d look at it again and give a few more hours to the layout before I emailed this client. However, life is the way it is and that plan had to go out the window. I am trying to shut my perfectionist side up and just focus on what has been accomplished so far.
  3. I asked for a raise. I was honest, firm, and direct. I haven’t felt this bold for who knows how long. I got a bit of an adrenaline rush from the meeting (probably the only reason I felt capable of diving right into homework when I got home). It was also easier than I expected. Sometimes I forget I’m capable of raising my chin and having that type of confidence, but it’s in there and today was a good reminder of that.

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