Well That Happened

Many people could view moving back home with your parents as a bad thing. I see it as grace. I burned out- and who could blame me? 50+ hours a week just to make ends (barely) meet plus school. Kid you not I would work 9-4 at one job go into a 5-10 at my second job only to work on school from 11-2 so I could repeat the same day. And with all that work I had no extra money for prior debts. I was completely isolated. I had no times for friends or any hobbies. I drained myself out. I became physically and emotionally exhausted.

Here I am: moving back home. Some people might be embarrassed or even a little ashamed. Yet, I feel so blessed and so fortunate for the opportunity. I get to work on my financial situation with less hours. I get to have time for school so I can succeed to the best of my ability there. I get to have time for friends and hobbies again. I’m working on financial freedom, my physical and emotional health, and my future all in a home environment.


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