Weddings and a 5k

Yesterday I saw two friends get married.

Tomorrow is a work out day for my 5k training.

I am constantly in a ridiculous amount of pain.

All I’m saying in this blog post is KEEP GOING. Yesterday the pain was intense that honestly for a brief moment considered not going to the wedding because I didn’t know if I would bee able to think straight.  My pain isn’t any better so I want to give up training and wait for the “right” time.  Let me tell you this: No one can predict the future. If I decide to wait for a good time I may never get to live. My pain may get better, but it may get worse. And then I’m stuck wishing I’d just gone for it because I pushed it off. Worse case scenario something will make my pain worse and I’ll have to respect the fact and stop. But how do I know if I don’t try?


Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. -Brad Henry


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