Introductions are the worse because within two minutes you judge if you’re going to pursue a relationship with the other person.

“Hi, I’m Person A”

“Hi Person A, I’m Person B. What brings you to this social event?”

“Well I’m friends with Person C.”

“That’s cool.” At this point Person B is a little hesitant of Person A because Person C tends to be slightly annoying about the latest documentary they saw on fast food. The conversation continues for another 90 seconds on the background music before they both bolt. They have both judged that they will not pursue friendship because they have different music tastes and therefore nothing in common.

Introductions are ridiculous but necessary. In reality Person A and Person B could become best friends in six months time because they have a similar hobby. That’s thinking on the positive side because the other option is they avoid talking ever again (but I like to have faith in humanity). After just reading this you’ve determined if my blog is worth following and whether or not you’ll read another post.

Anyway if you haven’t given up on me yet, here’s my introduction:

I’m LK, a college student in Pennsylvania. I’m a music appreciator and a writer. I like to be social, read, and crochet.

Cheers to introductions.


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